Angel Aura Crystal Crown
Angel Aura Crystal Crown

Angel Aura Crystal Crown

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For the purest of HeartĀ šŸ¦„

Handcrafted usingĀ 13 polished Angel Aura raw quartz crystal points, bound with silver wire to a silver headband.

"AnĀ Angel Aura Quartz stoneĀ will fill you with the pure magic of joy and optimism. As a high vibrational stone, Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect remedy to a spiritual slump - plus itā€™s pretty much a unicorn crystal! Tune into its energy to feel your sense of love, for the world, others and life in general, rejuvenated."

Make sure to cleanse your crown upon arrival, enjoy the energizing effects & feel like the Queen of Light that you areĀ šŸ‘‘